The Old vs The new

Well, just thought about the world and this is what i came up with…

My son, my boy:let me teach you this world

In the days of my time

We drank love like wine

We felt it run through our spine

As it brewed in the heart and mind

This days,

They wait for death

To give you love

Funny, your love is.

In the days of my time

A ‘Hello’ was done by heart, by soul and by mind:

so you feel the warmth that comes

So you get the silent happiness of peace

This days my son, they greet by hand

While they face the other way

in spite and disgust of you.

Sad world to live in

In my days boy,

The old were taken up by the skies

In celebration of their lives

They went to live by the supreme beings of the planet

This are the days

They are swallowed up by the earth

In small houses, they rot and fade away…

In those days, there was nothing like

The love of a woman

You could bare witness in their eyes, their smile, their walk, their talk

the stars would twinkle to her, the moon would whisper at her

It was so pleasing,pleasing to everything/everyone

To date, they give love for the size of the pocket

The old love is fading out,

The old world is fading out

Pains of the heart

Kanye West in one of his Albums ‘808s & Heartbreak’

Well, I guess atmost everyone of us has passed through this stage. This would be my short illustration

Iv lost so much that the heart becomes numb

Sat down in the park to see two sides of my heart tear

Felt every twich of the pain it makes

Felt every inch, of energy it takes

Iv heard so much ,I just feel like thats enough

Had one two many chances giving out

Everytime given out turns

back torn out

Just about to call it quits

Sipped the cocktail

Tasted like rotten

Drank myself out

Turned myself from broke to broken…

Ooh sh##,Loves a bitch

Claws of Death

Sometimes I close my eyes,

too fast to sleep and forget I am lonely

Sometimes, I’m haunted by the thoughts

Sometimes, I feel my heart blot

Sometimes I feel rot

Something lives in my veins

Something makes me pain

Look, how thin!!!

This is never how I wanted to trim

Reminds me of my old being…

Look how friendless

Look how cheerless

Look… how Breathless

Look, look, look or look less

Lately I feel so cold

Lately my skin feels so old

Filled with stories untold

Moments of my life left unfold

Im leaving

Too soon, too early

I am leaving

Too soon, too early

Enemy of the State

It has definitely been long but I’m back refreshed and feel all good inside though had some rough times during my short break. I came to realize everyone has something special in them, we do realize it slowly but in the meanwhile, some of us get jealous on the way realizing their neighbors. It becomes something hard to understand why some people treat you so bad yet, you haven’t done any wrong. this is why I was inspired to do this piece…

I can see them

I can hear their footsteps

Lingering on my doorsteps

Waiting patiently…

Waiting for my fall

You know,

How they smile

With a little glister of evil

In their eyes

In total patience of your rapture

You feel them,

A heavy burden on your back

pulling you down, when

You are about to achieve flight

They are out to ruin your doing

You toil in all life’s burden

Sweat oozing everyday

To earn a coin or two everyday

But they never sleep,plan on

your plunder

Thrive from your blunder

Then when your down

They steal your crown

see you and frown

Ever waiting.. when you drown

They are the Enemy of the state

I Find Peaceful

This is it, due to public demand, I had to do one for the one lady that makes me a happy and peaceful man. it is indeed a treasure to have her around. Hope as you read you shall find someone in your mind you can present this to. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you

I find Peaceful…

When we walk together

Talk and chat together

Smile awhile and laugh lifes troubles together

Share our deepest thoughts,

Our lows together

I find peaceful


When I hold on to your hands

Feel the warmth of your palms

Feel our hearts beat like drums

Share the heat on your arms

I find peaceful


When we take a stroll in town

And see people turn to us in a frown

Makes me feel like I’m in a crown Ha!!

It moves you not even a bit

I find peaceful


When you open up your heart to me

and give me that look

looks that humble me

looks that dig deep in the oceans of me

I find peaceful


Here I am, take me far away

Show me your feminine way

ways that I’l hold and never stray

Sweet,sensual,soft a loft

Where lavender love lay


When you hurt,i too hurt

I never want us to be apart

We beat by the same heart

we co-exist as one for the

Things that you find peaceful,

I find peaceful

When All Guns Go Down

The Picture above is of “Immaculée Ilibagiza”, who hid for 91 days in the tiny bathroom of a local Hutu pastor’s home during the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

I felt for this once peaceful community who for a period of 100 days fought  themselves after the assasination of Juvénal Habyarimana . During our University’s Black History Month in February, after the speech by the Rwandan President,Paul Kagame , I poetized his words  to this piece…

The theme was “As we Forgive”

This is to them who lost their lives..

In the night we heard noises.

In the night we heard voices

In the night. left with no choices

Silhouettes carrying mallets and hammers

Our own kind, conceiving to harm us.


Fear gripping our mouths

Screams voicing our throats

Horrors haunting our thoughts

Hutu, Tutsi or not

Rwanda, A river of Blood as we fought

Death and Disease left to clean the rot


Uniformed army with no mercy

Homes destroyed

Lives perished

Dreams tarnished

future banished

Our economy rubbished

This pest persisted unpunished


Why did this happen?

Where is God?

What happened to peace?

What went away with bliss?

My heart eroding with ferment…

In the 100 days of torture and torment


When guns go down!!

We are now left with a challenge


To let go,

To forget:

To leave the past…


To Charm Black History

To kiss away, Our Misery

To forget, let it be a Mystery

We wear a reconciliation crown

When all guns go down

Arc of Abraham

With the thoughts of death in my mind from the demise of February the 13th where I was involved in a fatal car accident which left 14 seriously injured and not a scratch on me and my partner, I took it to be a miracle from the Supreme Beings above, I thought about life and the lord then wrote this piece of work. I hope you like it…

In a while am reduced to nothing

In a fortnight am everything

In the other minute, am praising and singing

At the other second, am sining


I do not know

What fabric mend your heart

What piece of matured element maketh you…

For me, to always feel the clench of you love

For me, to be shaken by the mercies you give

It is Extraordinary.


When sick and weak

I take refuge in your word

I get hugs and caresses from angels above

I get feeling felt only, in the heavens

I know you live.


Am bestowed at the beauty of nature

Am taken by the delights of the wild, the world…

Everything you touch, Amazing

I am happy to be at your service


You deserve more

Praises and worship

I am in total Surrender


Commit to the Lord, whatever you do and your plans will succeed. Prov 16:3

Break Through

I am new up in this kinda stuff  and am gathering as much as I can everyday.  I dedicate this, to everyone who will help me update and maintain my posts and also for the comments that I will receive from you. In everything, I put God first that is why I will do this In awe and total glory for HIM.

Break Through

Break through all my pain

Break through all my strains

Break through all my sins

Break through in my life

That I may exalt your name


Break through in my prayers

Break through in my family

Break through in my friends

Break through till the world ends

That your Fame be uplifted on High


Break through in this Pilgrimage

Break through, Oh!! Heavenly Lord Break through

That your glory might fill my heart

That my enemies never catch up

That I may walk with thou Strength


Break through,

Just like you broke through the cross

Break through….  For it is only

For It is only in you I find Break through


Break through all my sorrows

Break through all my worries

Break through when I cry

Break through when I smile

Break through and make me fly


Break through me

That I may live by your ways

Break through me

for I forever

find solace in your words.

Give thanks for everything since:-*All works for good to those who love the Lord*-Rom 8:28